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Perhaps you have been applying for jobs from left to right, sending CVs to all corners of the world but no one seems to answer your call to provide them with your best skills and services.

That is a sign, a sign that says it is time for you to start working on your skills, talents, gifts. Perhaps your skills, talents, and abilities are waiting for you to begin working on them, refine and improve them; create opportunities not only for yourself but for all who believe in a better life.

Your business is waiting for you to start, your company is waiting for you to open doors, your ideas are waiting for you to act, your millions are waiting for you to cash in, projects are waiting for you to start, someone who believes in a better world is waiting for you to say come let’s partner in this. You will not achieve all the above if your mind is always thinking “why are they not calling me, perhaps my cv is not right,” oh man did I do badly in the interview?”, “Perhaps they did not like me” or “may I was too confident” enough! You are great and you did very well. They just don’t get you, and you seem to not get that you are meant to be a leader, business owner and so much more.

You are great, they do not call you because they cannot afford you, your future is not in that company, some of you have great values than most companies have, why compromise your strong self, beg to serve a company that will limit you. Why allow a company to say that they will pay you R20 000 when you know that you are worth so much more. Let no one devalue you in terms of your time, skill, and efforts. You did not spend years perfecting your skills to get paid peanuts. Call the shots and be so damn good at it but yet remain humble.

You should start looking at yourself as a company, you are a business yourself, you are an opportunity, you are a millionaire, you are a visionary – your greatness is waiting for you to stop being a beggar and say enough, I start a company that I want myself to work for today, I am starting a business that I want to be part of, I am creating opportunities that I search for day and night,

You have all that it takes to make it, you have now, what do you do with your “now”. Now is all that is giving to you, rise up, and claim what is yours. You have your skills, you have imagination, use what you have.

Greatness, riches, prosperity, and satisfaction and all the blessing of life are yours. Get up, create the life that you want, you can do it. I believe that you can.

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