Things will not go back to normal. There was never normal.

    What you consider normal was your brain caught up in a loop of comfort with no spark of life in your days.

    Your life is not interesting, and you are not growing for the bette...

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    Yesterday was all right. At least I did not spend an evening in the corners of my comforts.

    70 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes of reading, learned to bake brown burger buns and exercised for 60 seconds (Yes 1 minute).

    Not forget...

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  • 1st day of the 21 days

    We are in confusing times.

    While we are busy fighting wars in our heads.

    The world is fighting a virus that is picking us off one by one.

    Yesterday was no different for me compared to my normal days.

    I always work from ...

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  • I find it difficult to look away and mind my own business

    Look it is impossible to look away or mind your own business when the world is burning. The world doesn't have to burn on a larger scale for you to care for.

    Maybe it is none of my business or maybe it is but my neighbour does not provide f...

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  • You own nothing

    You are hurt and frustrated because you are in an ownership or possessive mindset.

    Anything that has the capacity to think and make choices cannot be owned and controlled.

    This is your "My Boyfriend, My Girlfriend, My Wife, My Husban...

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  • Are you having a tough day or life

    I had a very tough week, in fact, the toughest since 2020 began. I don't know how to feel about it all I know is that I was challenged by my behaviors, personality and of a cause other universal aspects that are outside my control. Like a tenant w...

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