Yesterday was all right. At least I did not spend an evening in the corners of my comforts.

70 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes of reading, learned to bake brown burger buns and exercised for 60 seconds (Yes 1 minute).

Not forgetting journaling.

The above are positive vibes in my reality, learning a new skill, reading and keeping good health and keepingĀ 

I have a few worries because business is slow. But hey what will happen will happen.

All I know is that I live in a great abundance of opportunities. What matters most is my thoughts and how I spend my days.

Each of us can be kind and be at peace.

I will not forget my strengths and capacity to build a successful life.

To sum it up I Am grateful.

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Rorisang Maimane

Disclaimer. I use the blog as my journal. Some topics are related to my books and some are completely off depending on what fresh surprise the universe put in my path. I am Rorisang Maimane. One day, I intend to rule the galaxy. I have been called an author, business owner philanthropist.

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