You will lose every time you try to be like them

You will win every time you be you.

Trying to please everyone never worked, stop it now!

Trying to do what they do will frustrate you, do what you can do see what happens

Trying to be like everyone will confuse you, being you will edify you.

Be you and be so damn good at it, what option do you have? Being like them? They are already taken. Anyway, I bet you are cooler than them.

Rather, be best at being you than being mediocre trying to be like them.

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Rorisang Maimane

Disclaimer. I use the blog as my journal. Some topics are related to my books and some are completely off depending on what fresh surprise the universe put in my path. I am Rorisang Maimane. One day, I intend to rule the galaxy. I have been called an author, business owner philanthropist.

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