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Look at the times’ oh child of earth; do we not have night then followed by a day or have a day then followed by night? Do we not have sunshine when we awake then later have noon? Do we not have winter which later gives way for spring, summer, and autumn? Do we not cheer, sing and dance some days and then some days mourn?

Were we not told that in all things there are seasons? Time to sow and time to reap? Time to be born and time to die? Then why the despair when happy circumstances give way for a time of chastening? Why cry “oh why me” “oh why is this happening to me”? Are you not yet learned in the school of wisdom? Have you not seen that it is the order life to let go of the old and give way to the new? Do you say that the night is not as useful as the day? Listen I am telling you that both night and day are as much use to him who is rooted with purpose and vision.

The heart with purpose knows how to divide his efforts to both night and day. Both night and day are profitable to him who is a good steward. Can you show me one mortal who is not subject to the changing of ways or who is not to be tried for the purpose of faith, growth, and obedience?

Why cry? Be strong, learn to know that which is good for you for, change is good for you. Let go of foolish dreams thinking that life will always be sweet and roses. Time to be humbled is permitted and therefore it should be welcomed with arms open wide. A soul that is destined for success will know and expect a change in circumstances, he will prepare and flourish in both time of sowing and reaping. For in sowing also there is harvest. The very act of sowing with purpose and a goal at heart is a victory on its own.

It is good for you to stay committed to your best efforts and services in all changes. Every minute has its own purpose, you might now know why but rest assured that your efforts and commitments will not go unrewarded. Have little sense of patience and while waiting equip yourself with knowledge and understand oh child of earth, for in doing so you will be like a tree that will survive all kinds of the season and still produce many fruits.

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