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Someone is ready to pay for your skills, I do not know who but I know for a fact that your skills are worth something good when improved and used for their intended purpose.

I am the living proof of a person transformed by skills and basically hard work. From despair, financial lack, frustrations to focus, determination, motivation, rewards, financial abundance, and satisfaction.

My entire life today can be summarized as follows “Work hard and improve my hard work”. The key here is skills. I simply cannot see myself working without skill or having a skill without working. There is a strong relationship between skills and work that will surely yield the best results for your life when you understand the relationship, even better, payday is never far when your skills are being used to serve or improve someone’s life or business.

It is impossible for you to work on improving your skills and not enjoy peace, growth, and satisfaction. You will automatically become a better person, your relationships will get better (I have no scientific proof of this but I have experienced it and still do)

Your communication improves, you speak the truth and more importantly, you no longer tolerate nonsense. You become a better leader/employer/employee and entrepreneur.

My findings and lessons are

  • Skills take time to develop and master (Fact is that you will forever improve and learn, and that is ok you are living up to the laws of your nature)
  • You need skills in everything you must do and in all areas of your life.
  • Do not overlook your experience; education.
  • You will not get what you want all the time.
  • You will always change your mind.
  • Learn and improve every day.
  • You cannot afford to waste time.
  • You will no longer be carried away by pity pleasures.
  • Satisfaction and payday are guaranteed.
  • Jobs and opportunities are created for others.
  • You stand a better chance of getting paid.
  • You become best friends with opportunities.

Of course in all the above having any skill is not enough, it is important to pay very close attention to the skill you choose. Also, be mindful of what you want your skills to serve you with. Skills for getting employment are not as much different from skills to start a business but because of systems put in place the skill that you have cannot necessarily get you employed but can help you start a business or the other way round.

I will also not leave out the fact that with skills communities and countries thrive. You can make a huge difference with your skills.

We all have skills, short, tall, white, black, disabled, or able we each possess great skills. You are probably sitting saying, but I do not have skills, well if that is your thinking I take pleasure to tell you that, that is not true. You have made it this far because of certain skills, without a doubt, I know that you have gone through some difficult times at some point in your life in some way or the other, and because you did, and still you are here trying, it means that you must have certain skills; those skills you used them to get through difficult times even if you do not take notice of it. If you are still in disbelief well, I have more good news, skills can be learned if you persist to beat yourself up about not having any skills.

You can learn new skills, no excuses.

Dedicate the entire year to yourself, pick one or two skills that you know you can give your best at, do your best at it and improve every day.

Make up your mind to revisit your dreams, goals, and experiences, learn as much as you can to the responses of every task or event that takes place in your life. Be your own police until you catch yourself in a space where you understand your strengths and you are addicted to success and development. In your strength and activities, you enjoy you are sure to find a breakthrough…. skills and a decision to work on your self is the first step.

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