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Not everybody is blessed with a confidant or that one friend that can make them feel ok on rough days.

Keep a pen and a page close. They will be there for you when you need to scream out the hurt and pain. 

You can be surrounded by people who confess their love to you daily but still feel empty. Of course, how you feel is not their fault. They just do the best they know-how.

In any way, they don't owe you feelings of satisfaction.

Let it out, bleed your heart out on top of a page, be angry about it, be honest, be weird, and laugh about it, the page will never betray you.

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I base my writing on self-investment, present-day application of KNOWING your OWN strengths, and a little of stoic philosophy. I believe that life gets better when one knows their own strength, and when purpose drives your daily efforts.



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