Skills saved my life: Prove Yourself Worthy

"It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared." – Whitney M. Young


You may be pressed hard by challenges today, perhaps you been looking for that one moment that can change your life for the better. You are so desperate; you want a breakthrough to just get to the other side to experience a better life. What if I asked you that what makes you deserve that better life? What makes you worthy to receive that which you so desperately seek? What would your answer be?

You may be facing hardships today, unemployment, financial pressure, business not moving as you want, you feel stuck with your life, demotivated or your life is simply not coming together as you want. This does not mean you should stop thinking, creating, being innovative, trying new things, finding new ways, working and volunteering. Let us take an example of an unemployed person. Imagine yourself sitting in an interview and the panel asks you what separates you from the rest? Other candidates are just as impressively endowed. What would your answer be? This alone is an opportunity to sell yourself not only to the panel but to the universe to tell it that you are worthy of its gifts. What would be your answer?

Opportunities have to find you working,

doing something worthwhile for yourself to

prove that you are worthy to receive more.

As an unemployed person, you may be in a position to say “What separates me from the rest is that whilst I am unemployed I rendered my high-quality skills and helped assist my community to their betterment. By doing so not only did I show a sense of responsibility but highlighted also my leadership skills, people skills, managerial skills, creativity and my innovation skills. I also started a few companies, failed so many times and now going for my fourth company which is doing well because I learned from my previous failures.”

You can even give examples of what you do in your own home. You may say that “In my own home I have started a garden that is able to provide for my family” or you can mention something that you have started that required your initiative, skills, planning and maintenance and other qualities that shows that you are not playing a victim of circumstance.

You can be bold to say that “I can echo way beyond what I am given provided I am afforded a chance. I have proven myself worthy because I am not a victim of circumstance. I choose to be creative, innovation and improve my situation regardless of challenging conditions. This is a good way to show that When awarded with opportunities I will continue to innovate and be responsible as I was before opportunities.”

Good things come to those who work

and make it happened not those who wait.

The point is that in any given circumstance opportunities have to find you working. You will fail to stand boldly in front of people to tell them what separates you from the rest if you are sitting on your hand doing nothing. Thousands out there a just as qualified as you are in terms of education, skills, and experience. What will be that one thing that will make you stand out? You must be at work doing something. You cannot be in a position of waiting. Opportunities have to find an oiled tuned machine that is ready to not only receive but has a sense of responsibility, working attitude, ability to see and do more, and plan future and make it as you want by the show of actions. This will always apply to all areas of your life, are you worthy to be with that person, to have that business, do get that promotion?

Let your daily life be that of a worthy person. Good things must find you working, doing something worthwhile for yourself and others. Good things come to those who work and make it happened not those who wait.



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