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I went back in time. The younger version of me agrees that Thanos is an excellent role model for us.

The future me, sent a message to say excellent choice before I could travel to the future.

This is what we learned from Thanos.

"Fine, I'll do it myself"
The pain of asking for help only to receive disappointment. In my business, I have asked for help from so call consultants, professionals, and sadly friend. The results were nothing but disappointment accompanied by mediocre results with few excuses on the side. There is this one time I had a deadline to submit a business plan and a feasibility study for funding. I also asked for an accountant to do my financials. All of them failed. The consultant company for the business plan just copied from the internet and the accountant decided to take 3 months to complete the job. After complaining and wasted time, I decided to do my own business plan, feasibility study, and today I am as happy with my work because I understand my business better. As for the accountant, I went with an expensive one. You pay for quality. Taking responsibility for your work and life is the best thing you can do for yourself.

"I'm the Only One Who Knows That"
You know very well that something has to be done for you to get better, to do better. You know that things won't change unless you act.
You know that no one owes you shit. You know your own strength, plans, and can see the end from your side.
The naysayers can form a band and serenade their doubts. You won't listen because only you know how your story will end, only you know what can satisfy your heart, only you know what you want.
So fuck opinions, they will tell you you can't do it, you can't. Just keep your course. Get what you know you deserve based on the effort you put in.

"And that is destiny fulfilled"
This is the feeling you get when you know you did it. You fucken did it and it cannot be undone.
We saw Thanos go all out to grace the universe with his mercy, despite everything and everyone that tried to stop him, he did it anyway. Even in death, he regretted nothing.
That is what it means, dying peacefully. That is the meaning of living a full life.

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