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 Another day spend it the corners of my fears.

 Where I scare myself about a horrible future that won't happen. 

 I Did an hour on a treadmill, 2 minutes exercises, I did not read today coming to think about it.

 I listened to an audiobook, the "Infinite Game - Simon Sinek" 

 So that count's as reading. 

 As I Am writing this, I am also fulfilling my daily journal activity.

 No sex today? Well, we shall see it is still 23:04.

 What Can I Say was good about this day? Well, I think the fact that I can still remember and work towards my goals.

 Work is improving, we are getting our books in different online stores and there is progress in my skills and mental capacity.

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I base my writing on self-investment, present-day application of KNOWING your OWN strengths, and a little of stoic philosophy. I believe that life gets better when one knows their own strength, and when purpose drives your daily efforts.



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