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I write for many reasons.

Today I may write because I want to let go of anger, pain, or stress.

Tomorrow I may write because I am happy and excited.

The next day or any other day I can write because I can and I just have thoughts in my head.


I received an email with a sort of complaint that says that my blog does not correlate with the content of my book.

That is the whole point, and it does not have to correlate. I just blog about what's on my mind or the current most of the time.

My book on the other hand is based on hardcore experience and research. And I have developed and grown from the date of publishing my book.

Some things I wrote about in my book no longer apply to my current reality. That it how life is.


So, in other words, I am not blogging to save your ass or please you. I just want to release what is inside of me. The comment section is for you to debate or discuss how you feel. Make use of it.

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I base my writing on self-investment, present-day application of KNOWING your OWN strengths, and a little of stoic philosophy. I believe that life gets better when one knows their own strength, and when purpose drives your daily efforts.



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