7 eons in a chase,
sacrificed everything, ran into the edge knowing it could go either way,
It’s not like I can just pack up all the life I have been and walk away,
You are what gave our family shelter, dinner table is filled with red wine,
Money and status are just mandatory, more depth is what I wanted,
In return you asked for my time, that, I gladly gave, sacrificed that went unappreciated in your eyes,
Sleepless nights, locked in my corner with no social life, always in fear of leaving your side,
With all that, you still have the nerve to say Our love is lost, dancing upon it, aren’t we married?
You killed every possible romance that knocked in my door,
Why I am still holding on I don't understand,
Come sunrise I am breaking free, breaking what was to be our holy matrimony,
I am leaving, that much I owe myself,
7647 billion people in the world, you may choose anyone you like,
Go mesmerize them with your charm, give the same promise that you gave me
I know I am done, I ain't living in the dark no more, my mind is made up,
I am leaving you entrepreneurship, you are no longer my master,
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Rorisang Maimane

Disclaimer. I use the blog as my journal. Some topics are related to my books and some are completely off depending on what fresh surprise the universe put in my path. I am Rorisang Maimane. One day, I intend to rule the galaxy.

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