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29 years from decay
Kneeling in the same style, whispering the same words million times
Millions of souls across the universe whispering the same prayer for the help that never came
Its a lie though disguised as life
Buried in our fears, no one book can fix what is not broken
I am going under this time, the devil won't even find me
This house is on fire, my soul needs to burn
The miracle man won't save me this time
I am going under this time I feel like letting it be
The need to make something out of this struggle has me sleeping with a heavy chest
I am not well then I am well
don't know if I am up or down
Cause I tried and there is nothing to show

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I base my writing on self-investment, present-day application of KNOWING your OWN strengths, and a little of stoic philosophy. I believe that life gets better when one knows their own strength, and when purpose drives your daily efforts.



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