Life without adversity is no kind of life at all,

The fun of it all or the reward is in the pain, the lessons, and the strength of making it to the other side.

All roads lead to the ground, but in time we still draw breath we will have pain, deal with feelings, disappointments, failing plans, unfairness, and more challenges,

Do you seek truth, strength, and understanding when you are knocked out or you just sleeping it away?

I cannot answer for you. All I know is a life of a fighter, questioning things, trying to look into something that may be an improvement for the next day.

So hold on, take a moment, cry it out if you may but remind yourself that you are in control. Gather up your last strength and pride and fight, figure things out, call for help....



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Rorisang Maimane

Disclaimer. I use the blog as my journal. Some topics are related to my books and some are completely off depending on what fresh surprise the universe put in my path. I am Rorisang Maimane. One day, I intend to rule the galaxy.

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