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I won't waste time telling you about stoic philosophy. Here is a website where you can read all you can about stoic philosophy.

I am sharing this with you because I feel and know that some of you may gain amazing life changes.

I came across Daily Stoic through Ryan Holiday's book "The Obstacle Is The Way". From there on my life has changed for the better.

Most of my daily living is based on the teaching of Marcus Aurelius. I can tell you that I fail to follow most of his teachings but I remain a believer of stoic philosophy.

If you are a creative or you craving for peace, successful changes in your life then daily stoic is for you. Maybe in the near future, we might start reading your material.

It is very thought-provoking to think about some simple acts that the stoic did to improve their lives. Seneca spoke a lot about taking daily walks. Practicing poverty and many more.

Marcus Aurelius without a doubt is someone to look up to. In his book the meditations which is a very very amazing read and a book to have, Marcus shows his struggles as a person.

Being born into power, inheriting one of the great cities in the world to rule. Marcus did way better than one could think with all the power given to him. In fact in his Meditations he speaks of the struggles he faced to keep sane and not fall into the same failures as his predecessors.

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