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All we can do is hope for a better day and continue to do what is right.
Sometimes It Just Doesn't Work, You fail anyways and it feels bad but it is good.
I mean you read all the recommended books.
You binged-watched all the TED Talks. You added an hour more to your daily exercise.
You wake up early, slept late, meditated, and remembered to take it easy.
Revisited your vision and revised your mission and plans, You made phone calls send emails, you tell yourself its OK they will respond, 30 days gone still no answer. You were kind and where you can help others.
Put well, you did many things right, and some that were within your power you did them very well.
All of these just hoping for a better day, a little breakthrough, some good news.
You always tell yourself that we can make it if we try, and yes it is humanly possible we can make it.
Some will say it's just not your time, well, maybe. Sometimes we die as many have without getting what we want or worked hard for.
It is life, there is no formula, in all of these remember to be of good cheer.
And if in all of these you kept yourself upright, then that is all your reward, a good and upright life.
If you are lucky, your name might always be remembered among great men, sadly it might not, or if it does you won't get to live through the glory.
Marcus Aurelius though inherited an empire had to go through some of the worst times through his reign and still ended up saying in all of these things a man's duty is to do good and keep virtue.

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