This past Friday I managed to make $113 within a period of an hour.

The plan was to repeatedly employ the same strategy the whole day in hopes to multiply my profits.

A friend phoned, asked that we go out for drinks. I said no I can't.

My brother needed small help, the kind of help that we both could live even if I don't help.

All these were sacrifices in my head. I was on fire thinking I am doing something of greater meaning, so I can't leave my work.

Friday went well, I remember telling my partner that I am happy because I managed to reach my daily target. I even added that this time I will exercise disciple to not lose all the profits(Which I always do).

Come Saturday, I thought let me give it a go and increase my profits. It did not take 5 minutes to lose it all.

Perhaps many things are involved in my loss but "DISCIPLINE" is key to all of it. 

All the sacrifices meant shit. Do I regret it? Yes. Did I learn? We shall see. But without discipline, an empire can crumble in a day.

In my case small profits, yes, but it meant something considering that I skipped what may have been a good day with good company (partying with beautiful people).


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Rorisang Maimane

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