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The government is saying that an unemployed young person today will likely face the next 40 years in poverty if they do not get employment after leaving school. This will lead to social alienation and depression, social problems, and loss of contribution to the economy.

What does this mean to you it means we must fight unemployment and poverty with all we have got and use all resources available even if it means turning the entire country into skills and opportunity creation nation. And if we succeed this will be good. Our economy, social standards, and families will flourish.

The solution is simple and has existed for many years, 600 millions of years our brains have been at work. Please do not get carried away, simply because I said the solution is simple it does not mean it won’t take time and we won’t have challenges. When we join in one accord we can achieve great things and come up with more solutions. You will understand what I mean by this.

Let us go back to the beginning, right from the start or at least 600 million years ago. Our forefathers knew that for them to survive and get better they have to use everything thing they had when they first walked the lands of East Africa.

Allow me to skip the historical details, and say that for our forefathers to survive, eat, and build they had no other choice but to use skill, creativity, and lots of exploring. First, the use of the mind was key, they had to observe, learn, apply, adapt, and more importantly create. The was nothing miraculous about this process.

For them to eat skill and use of the innate abilities were also key.

The power to observe, learn, create, improve, and desire improved circumstances are some of the gifts bequeathed to us from birth, why then not use them to fight back? Use them to build better.

Each of us has survival traits and even better we have the power to create just as our forefathers created the land we walk on today. The technology, structures, and science you see around have always been there, we just improved and build on what was already here.

We all have been in deep privilege, given awesome talents, opportunities, intelligence, skills, and powers to mold life the way we see fit. The more we use these gifts there more we grow and others benefit from our efforts.

From hunting to farming and to the Industrial Age and to the now, the intellectual and information age. The few things that are common in all these ages are skills development and the ability to create from available resources. We are constantly evolving, our brains are in a constant earning process, developing and growing as we apply the knowledge.

This is what we need today, take time to learn about your abilities, create opportunities by using what you already possess, and plow the land until you see the harvest.

I will continue with the skills series until we create a solution for unemployment. The presidency can’t do it alone, we must come together, strengthen each other to cultivate relevant skills and opportunities for all of us to contribute significantly to our lives and the economy.

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I base my writing on self-investment, present-day application of KNOWING your OWN strengths, and a little of stoic philosophy. I believe that life gets better when one knows their own strength, and when purpose drives your daily efforts.



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