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Look it is impossible to look away or mind your own business when the world is burning. The world doesn't have to burn on a larger scale for you to care for.

Maybe it is none of my business or maybe it is but my neighbor does not provide for his family. 

They sleep in the dark, kids don't have food but he is always drinking.

The wife confessed that he does not even buy clothes for the young boy who is just six months old now.

My partner and I tried to step in to help but the wife of my neighbor refused to take help and said that we will spoil her husband.

I just can't shake the feeling, I want to help. Anyone out there who can advise or who has been in the same situation.

You see the world burns in different ways. It could be through negligence, abuses, crime, and other horrific things that we as humans inflict to one another.

I mean in times like these with the "Corona Virus" on the offense, it is really not the time to break from unity but build to solidify.


Please leave a comment below, share your thoughts or understanding if you have been in this type of situation. Even an opinion counts.

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