“For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries” —

accomplish the goals we and life set for us, reveling in the love and admiration of others which boosts our ego, the joy we feel when we achieve something meaningful is exciting. It is within us to want to feel excited, valued and feeling great at all times.

One fragment of our purpose in life is to improve our standards of living, providing for our families the basic needs and showering them with gifts and love. To care for mother nature itself and all the beautiful living creatures in it. These acts make almost every one of us feel alive, gives us hope for the future which gives us a sense of importance and a great feeling of appreciation. Fun Activities, excitement, life improvements, and developments are part of us. When we work to improve ourselves, we satisfy the purpose of living, satisfy some basic needs that we as human cannot do without. Our needs are changing and increasing more and more, needs which vary from individual to individual, but whatever the needs may be, everything starts with us. We are the key to everything.

As individuals, our innate needs to push us to want great things for ourselves and the surrounding people. The reason we have people going to school, working, pursuing self-development and pushing themselves so hard to make a great life is that we love life, we care, and we want to make it beautiful.

Acts of planning and putting potential future prospects in motion is our way of living. Suddenly, and with immediate and silent inevitability, here comes change setting us back on all our prospects, plans, joy and hopes. That is when life takes its natural course following the principles and laws of change, giving us challenges so that we can ready ourselves for the next challenge, upon overcoming such challenges, glory and progress follows. Pure endurance through difficult times makes victory becomes sweeter.

The reality is that life does not only present just one challenge to us but many. These many challenges, then force us to apply a very strong sense of responsibility. The problems, challenges force us to act either by responding or reacting. Our challenges differ from person to person, families, companies, government institutions and nations as we know. Some are facing financial lack, debt, heartbreaks, health issues, unemployment, crime, loss of business, climate change and identity crisis to just name a few. Money mostly is a common problem we mostly share. For those who have looked deeper in life, I am sure came to realize that, besides money, there are other bigger challenges in life.

A great example of something bigger than money and everything else is the “why”, Why are we here? The question of purpose and also the struggle with hope, enslaved mind by the systems we put in place, freedom, lack of knowledge, sense of humanity and care for our mother nature and other oppressions that are hidden by the modern world today. Nevertheless, for a man to live a satisfying life, a sense of balance must be enforced, in most cases that require knowledge and a deeper understanding of life.

When such changes come between our love of life, our goals, and aspirations to succeed we immediately react and focus on the struggles that come with change, neglecting the gifts and opportunities that change present to us. Some of us charge directly in the midst of problems without the knowledge and understanding of why such challenges and problems are happening. This act of acting without knowledge and understanding leads us to sometimes create more hardships for ourselves. If we do not put our best efforts to solve problems in our paths we are either creating some more problems somewhere.

It is impossible to run away or to ignore. In fact, the sooner we come to learn that problems and challenges are part of life the better we become. We become effective in dealing with difficulties that arise to hinder our success when we accept the reality, truth, and nature of such difficulties. It is easier to work towards a goal when you have accepted the reality of the problem (I will teach you how to do that in this book). You become more objective, open-minded to new ideas, creating a room to excel rather than playing defense against challenge all the time.

With great intentions, a fresh perspective about life’s problems is needed. When we embrace our challenges or change we learn to use them as stepping stones towards greatness, we use change and challenges as raw materials to plant seeds of strength, prosperity educational experience and the birth of new opportunities. We cannot see or enjoy these experiential opportunities if we keep looking at problems as threats or the end of the road. In the beginning, it might be hard to see opportunities when one’s mind is fixed on the problems, it is sometimes hard to look for the gift or opportunity when our lives are filled with pain and suffering. I am human I know this, and more importantly, I understand. We need to shift our perspective from looking at what’s not working and to fix our eyes and energy to endless opportunities that come with change.

I think we need chaos in our lives, to give us a wake-up call to change.

It might sound a bit odd to think about inviting chaos in our lives however it is important to learn that such challenges are needed in our lives. Think about it for a moment, do you not agree that change is needed? Tough times in our lives in a very uncomfortable way helps us to grow, to start a new business, to push ourselves to new heights, test our limits, to lean to the higher power and to move on. I am sure you have read of so many rich, successful billionaires, great men who changed the world after facing some very difficult times; they could have not changed the world or influenced it had it not been because of the trials that they went through. I myself have experienced the fruits of opportunities while swimming in the midst of challenges.

Without a doubt, I can tell that as much as every individual goes through some life challenges, we can rest assured that they are here for our greater benefits. That is why the aphorism that everything happens for the greater good exists. Some changes can turn into life’s painful experiences; do not despair it will pass. No matter how big the problem is, how hard it may be, trust me there is a way to get through and when we come out from the other side we will come out refined and stronger than the way we went in. It is God’s will to see us succeed; therefore, it should be our will also to succeed.

The secret is resting upon getting up and doing something about it our lives. Make a decision to win from the very beginning. Working day and night to create a life that is worth living. The most dangerous thing that one can do when problems come knocking is to feed them with satisfaction by worrying and talking about them all the time. Another is to not have goals, dreams and exciting ambitions that we can use to live life to the fullest. A big secret I am sharing with you now is that first your purpose is the answer to all and your goals and dreams are the best antidotes to overcoming hard times.



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