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Your soul is a place that is open when all the wants and wishes disappear
Stillness is the key to open the place
Your soul is a place you can't find
The only thing you should know is that there is no cure for the pain.
The only thing I want is to have a cure for my pain
I cured myself of every vice, now I think I know what breaks me
The devil hides in my heart, he said he likes it there
over the phone, she said a prayer for me, 
Said the devil has found a home in my heart
I know that I got to keep running
I run to the fire, singing love is a journey for fools
the only thing I ask was, has anyone found a cure for the pain, oh for my pain

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I base my writing on self-investment, present-day application of KNOWING your OWN strengths, and a little of stoic philosophy. I believe that life gets better when one knows their own strength, and when purpose drives your daily efforts.



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