Yes, I acknowledge, I faulted many times, I have hurt and been hurt, disappointed and did wrong but, so what? My problems don’t make me who I am, but they give me the courage to stand tall and face the world. Because of my difficulties, I am able to smell trouble before it grasps me, I am able to guard myself against disappointments and sorrows. I am able to build a room for disappointments. I live my life with no regrets and doubts because my problems directed me to self-discovery and purpose.

Because of my misfortunes, I am able to make a better life for those who follow me, through experienced-based advice and guidance. I draw inspiration from my troubles, I embrace them. They encourage me to do better, give, and appreciate more and to love more. They build my character; they strengthen my being.

Appreciate your problems and past experiences and stop dwelling on what was and what could have been. Experience is the best educator, take advantage of the lessons and build yourself a world of possibilities, hopes and dreams through those past and current difficulties.

Be the chief of your own destiny; determine your path and happiness. Problems will be there, tears will be there, but learn to accept that everything happens for a reason, God will never suppress you or allow you to face challenges/burden big enough for you. He is taking his time to prepare you for better things. Patiently wait and see what his purpose for you is.

Do not invest your time and effort on things you have no control over or can’t change. Remember you have the right to be, just as anyone else. To make your existence worthwhile, focus on what brings joy, pleasure, and meaning into your life. You have the capacity to choose happiness over pain.

Written By Guest Writer: Kholofelo Makgetsi



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