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 I ended up conversing with my partner about good habits and bad habits.

 How the conversation came to be, I don't know. All I know is that I was told that masturbation and sex are my bad habits.

 I was attacked for something I did or said, for that to be pointed out. 

 Anyway, I asked her to list her bad habits as I continuously interrupted her with my list of bad habits

 She got stuck; she listed a few but in my mind; I thought Nah that can't be all.

 I asked her to list good habits; she mentioned a few. Then I got to ask myself, what are good habits and bad habits.

 The answer was clear to me;  Good habits are any habits that move you closer to your desired goals.

 For example, Good habit of writing and reading every or spending 20 minutes a day running on a treadmill. 

 You end up with a sharp mind, less stress and writing and reading just liberate the heart and soul.

 You end up with good health by running every day.


 Bad habits are anything that does not add to you and waste your time, and whenever you get a chance you bitch about how your life is not what you want.

 For example, you know you have to write a book but you spend 2 - 3 hours of your days on Netflix and Twitter. The book ain't going to write and read itself.

 Or you want to lose weight but you eat like a mad person, especially junk. This does not make you any healthier.

 I think you get the picture. For myself, I try to build a routine for my days.

 There are activities that a day won't pass by without me doing them. Sometimes it is not easy and I don't feel like it. I just do it for the sake of progress.

 For example, I love running on a treadmill, I just feel alive and I use the treadmill as my way of healing, coming up with good ideas, getting clarity on matters, and just feel good, I love sex, and a good 2 minute works out, OH reading and writing is a must. I just release all the pain, lies, love and everything that I can't open up about with people.

 What are your habits? What works for you and what works against you?

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