We are in confusing times.

 While we are busy fighting wars in our heads.

 The world is fighting a virus that is picking us off one by one.

 Yesterday was no different for me compared to my normal days.

 I always work from home, the only difference now is that we will pause some work that depended on others.

 What makes me feel good about these 21 days of isolation is that it is the best time to be alive.

 It is the best time to write, to reflect on life, get into shape and make sure that one comes out to the other side a better person.

 I did some good work yesterday. I upgraded my websites, personal and business.

 Did 60 seconds of working out for what it's worth, yeah I feel good about it.

 I know I will have something to show when 21 days of isolation ends.

 If the 21 days of isolation prolong or end, I will still be good because my days are defined and I love it like that. I know what to do when I wake up.

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Rorisang Maimane

Disclaimer. I use the blog as my journal. Some topics are related to my books and some are completely off depending on what fresh surprise the universe put in my path. I am Rorisang Maimane. One day, I intend to rule the galaxy.

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