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we beleave in what we do.

Rorisang Maimane is a human being with love, understanding, and respect, and then he is an author, artist, web developer and designer, entrepreneur, and a public servant. He is also a founder of Helpmyworld Pty Ltd, Reg No.: 2015/345041/07 a role which is very instrumental to inspire flourishing lifestyles to everyone who seeks to flourish. Helpmyworld is an organization that believes that every individual deserves to lead a purpose driven life filled with love, satisfaction, and success. Rorisang Maimane wants you to flourish and thrive first and foremost.

Prior to starting Helpmyworld Ltd Pty, Rorisang was leading online job seekers support services operating as Workseekers Foundation, dedicated to close the gap between job seekers and potential employers. Work seekers Foundation was established late 2012 until 2015 when Helpmyworld came to be. Rorisang Maimane has over 7 years experience as a public servant working closely with persons with disabilities. He served through the Department of Higher Education & Training, Department of Justice and Constitutional Development and the Department of Labour. This experience has equipped him to extend his services and skills to individuals more on a personal level, to love, care and understand that each person is unique with a life filled with great potentials. He simply sees the best in everyone. He has a B. Tech degree in Office Management and Technology. He is highly skilled in web development and design, trained very well in office management.

He has presented his book "Embracing Change" to you to take the first and best step to make your life great.

Rorisang is fully devoted to help individuals who are willing to receive help, work hard on their skills and talents and the use these skills and talents to create a life that they deserve, that is why he presents his book “Embrace Change: Flourish in times of challenges & crisis. His book focus on improving the man first, then work on creating opportunities and then give back by teaching others successful ways to lead a purpose driven life that is filled with satisfaction and prosperity. One would ask why purpose? Rorisang believes the purpose is the only solution to all problems and challenges that man face. His book Embrace Change was published September 2017 by Helpmyworld Publishing. He serves as a life coach in the areas of purpose, capitalizing with skills to create opportunities, and he is also a writing coach and a publisher. Where possible he connects individuals with the relevant people within the same area of expertise and skills.

The heart of my work is to embrace the man, getting to know yourself and answer the question of why you are here, why do you do what you do and why is it important to know your purpose and to do it. I believe that when a person is leading a purpose driven life, all challenges and problems are nothing compared to the power and greatness that he can unleash through unique skills, talents and hard work guided by purpose. The end results of a man who is leading a purpose driven life are nothing but greatness filled with love and success. This is a person who will always seek to do good, build, inspire and make lives better not only for himself but everyone he touches. Mark12:30 says, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.” There lies the answer to learning everything about your personality, best skills, gifts, talents and potentials, and more.

Experience of working as a public servant has made Rorisang’s vision and goal to help people much easier. 30 Minutes with Rorisang is more than enough to stir hope in your life and inspire you to become the best person you are born to be.

He helps individuals to use their abilities and skills to achieve immeasurable success and rise to new heights.You will thrive in business, personal development and other areas of life when you work with Rorisang. You will be excited to learn that whatever you are going through can get better.

It is impossible for a purpose driven person to not want to build, inspire, love and give hope.

I am the living proof

My personal experience is proof enough to show what a purpose driven life can do for someone. Through purpose, I learned the value of hard work.,I love, respect and care for people and with my best, i try to understand them, I excel in everything I do, and I learned to rise above all my challenges; create a series of opportunities for myself. Worries, lack, and struggles are not part of my life anymore. I am not saying I do not meet challenges and problems, I am able to rise and win all-time times even in the mist of challenges. I want to extend this satisfaction and great practices to others, that Is why I write, coach and engage with all who are willing to work and change their lives for the better. My book is a step to show how this great life can be achieved. I know that everyone is unique and in that lies great potentials, skills, and abilities to excel in all areas of life. My book captured the amazing ways one can practice to create the life that they deserve.

Rorisang teaches to create a lifestyle of value, helps anyone who is ready to work to create the life that they deserve, whether to venture in business, become a writer, or simply to live a satisfying life without any worries

Authored Books/Articles

Embrace Change: Flourish in times of challenges and crisis